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10 Good Reads Expand your skills, gain insight, and get inspired with these top picks. Winning the Talent Shift: Three Steps to Unleashing the New High-Performance Workplace By Berta Aldrich Berta Aldrich is a Managing Partner with Private Advisor Group. Her new book details invisible barriers that block companies from recruiting, training, and retaining a diverse, gender-balanced, high-performance workforce. Aldrich challenges companies to redesign their talent strategy related to all aspects of the workforce by identifying people whose leadership skills can be developed with the goal of building the bottom line. e book also puts significant attention on bringing more women and people of color into leadership opportunities while building an environment that rewards strong performance. That Was Awkward: 7 Secrets of an Awkward Networker By Sean W. Hand Not everyone has the gift of gab or the ability to blend into a business-focused social setting with ease. Sean W. Hand, author of the Awkward Networker blog, offers user-friendly advice to help the reader emerge from their introvert cocoon and engage in cogent and charming conversation that could be leveraged to advance a career and solidify business relationships. Hand's book follows all aspects of the networking experience, from pre-networking preparations through initial in-person encounters to the understanding the proper protocols for a social media follow-up. ere is also a chapter on how to behave during a happy hour networking event, with advice on whether alcohol can help or hurt in making a good impression. Surviving Remote Work By Sharon Koifman e COVID-19 crisis has fueled the unprecedented rise of the remote workforce, but not everyone has been comfortable in adapting to professional life outside of an office environment. Sharon Koifman, owner of the DistantJob recruitment agency, created this book for business owners and managers in response to the new challenges involved in maintaining workforce productivity when everyone is laboring from their homes. Topics in the book include sustaining corporate culture remotely, onboarding new employees in a remote setting, keeping employees focused on their work when they are based at home, data security issues, and the communications technologies that best facilitate the non-office set-up. Decide to Lead! By Russ Hill Not every person who winds up in the business leadership ranks has the personality and vision to possess the position they hold. Business coach Russ Hill offers insight on what separates the successful leaders from the dismal commanders, with detailed questions on whether the potential leader is suited to head up a professional team. Using examples from the leadership practices at successful Fortune 100 companies including Amazon, Chick-fil-A, and Walmart, Hill offers insight on inspiring team members to take greater ownership in their work and getting a team to think and act in a manner that leads to positive results, He also explains why long hours and micromanagement often denote weak leadership. Hill also offers free access to his online training videos with purchases of the book.

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