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52 given up. We believe strongly in what we are doing and in the ability of our technology to change the industry for the better. It is a testament to the team in Aspen and to our customers who believe in us and have believed in us for a very long time. And it's not just me—the team thinks this way, they think long term, and we have always thought long term. We cannibalize our own technology to stay ahead and constantly invest in the underlying platform to make it easier to implement, configure, and future- proof. I've seen many companies come and go over the years, but we're still here, doing what we believe in. How has Aspen Grove changed over the past 25 years? Probably the single biggest change is our attitude. When you are a young company, you chase every opportunity. It makes sense; you must hustle. Over time, if you continue in this mode, it is difficult to scale a business, particularly a technology business that can accumulate a lot of technical debt. At Aspen, we have gone though that cycle and our approach has matured. We decided we needed to focus on two things: 1) continual investment in our core technology and 2) becoming selective on the opportunities we pursue. We have focused in recent years on the U.S. mortgage industry, and we invest in our technology on an ongoing basis to make it really easy to implement and configure. is strategy is paying dividends for us and for our clients. Why the mortgage servicing industry? As with most things in life, somewhat by chance. I completed a business degree in Boston (my background is as a software developer) and wanted to start a business. We came across an opportunity with a handful of foreclosure attorneys who needed technology to run their operations. Aspen started by building configurable case management for attorneys, and that was our intro to mortgage servicing. Given the complexity of Cover Story "We believe strongly in what we are doing and in the ability of our technology to change the industry for the better." —Sean Ryan, Founder & CEO, Aspen Grove Solutions By: David Wharton

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