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37 JUNE 2008 DS News celebrated its fifth anniversary— counting its early days as REO Magazine—with this gallery of past covers, an idea we're echoing with this month's retrospective cover. With a cover headline noting the "REO Gold Rush," it's a reminder of just how shifting and cyclical the housing market can be. NOVEMBER 2014 Our cover story, "Justice Unserved," examined the aftermath of the collapse of defunct subprime lender Countrywide and the Department of Justice's attempts to hold CEO Angelo Mozilo responsible. It's a reminder of how the subprime lending crisis contributed to the nation's econom- ic woes during those tumultuous years and how the ripples have continued to spread for years thereafter. MARCH 2009 Diving into "e Moratorium Morass," our March 2009 issue examined the federal government's attempts to stem the bleeding of the ongoing economic crisis by implementing foreclosure moratoria— a conversation that will seem all too familiar to industry professionals who recently navigated the COVID-19 crisis and the corresponding economic fallout. APRIL 2015 One of several prominent political figures who have graced the covers of DS News over the years, in April 2015, we featured an exclusive interview with Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Wa- ters, who was and has remained a key figure on the House Committee on Financial Services. JULY 2014 With a cover story examining the housing market's recovery after the turmoil of the pre- ceding years, with the feature asking who of the market's players would "Pass or Fail." Timothy J. Mayopolous, President and CEO of Fannie Mae from 2012-2018, graced the cover. Today, Mayo- polous is President of digital mortgage solutions provider Blend. JUNE 2015 In "e Bureau Effect," DS News examined how the inception of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was impacting the mortgage servicing landscape. e Bureau has remained a source of controversy throughout the ensuing years, with the CFPB currently at the center of a Supreme Court case centering on the constitu- tionality of its funding structure.

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