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September 2023 » thefivestar.com 13 September 2023 G O O D R E A D S EXPAND YOUR SKILLS, GAIN INSIGHT, AND GET INSPIRED WITH THESE TOP PICKS Climate-Change and Weather-Related Disasters: How to Manage Mortgage Risk (eBook) The New Millionaire's Playbook: 7 Keys to Unlock Freedom, Purpose, and Abundance Billionaires' Row: Tycoons, High Rollers, and the Epic Race to Build the World's Most Exclusive Skyscrapers The Foreclosure Playbook: Strategies for Investing in Distressed Properties b y B L A C K K N I G H T, I N C . Black Knight, Inc. has pub- lished a new eBook focusing attention on developing an understanding of the impli- cations in the financial sector. Using pilot climate-scenario analysis exercises published by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Security and Exchange Commission to recognize the serious threat climate change poses to the housing finance system including the FHFA and HUD. As climate-change and weather-related disasters continue, all parties will need to manage their risk more effi- ciently and this eBook provides insights into how these entities can be adequately prepared for what may come. b y G O R D Y B A L Author Gordy Bal claims that the highest measure of success is impact, not money. While some may say "health is wealth," financial abundance flows as you live your specific purpose. Teaching people a new mindset where your time is your own, your relationships are harmonious, and peace lies within, Bal invites readers to create a life where everything is possible and you are able to manifest your specific reality using your terms. From how to unplug, discover your purpose, examining your headspace, and how to expand your consciousness, this book has the essential tools you need to take ownership of your thoughts for a decisively fulfilling future. b y K A T H E R I N E C L A R K E Shortlisted for multiple Book of the Year awards, this exposé explores the world of high-stakes—and even higher value—real estate in the most desirable strip of land in the country: Central Park, NYC. In just a few miles, tens of billions of dollars of global wealth changes hands on a regular basis and author Katherine Clarke reveals some of the most captivating stories of how developers started an "ego-fueled race to the sky." The author accounts for a combination of ferocious ambition and relentless salesmanship that has created a new market for the one- percenters. These eye-popping stories are relevant for small and large investors alike. b y W I L L I A M R O C K Foreclosures can be a complicated investment, but with this new guidebook written by author William Rock, the process is demystified into simple step-by-step actions to identify, analyze, and acquire distressed properties with a focus on maximizing returns and minimizing risk. Rock covers strategies and techniques for coming up with a financial plan—accounting for the possibility of renovations— and provides guidance on working with various real estate professionals to ensure a successful investment. The book also delves into the tools and strategies necessary for successful distressed property investing for first timers to seasoned pros.

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