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MortgagePoint » Your Trusted Source for Mortgage Banking and Servicing News 6 September 2023 M T E C H CoreLogic Credco's mortgage lending clients to access CreditXpert's new Enterprise Platform. "Having CoreLogic Credco connected to our new platform means that thousands of mortgage lenders can more easily integrate da- ta-driven credit analytics into their operations," CreditXpert CEO Jim Hemmer said. "We know that helping borrowers improve their credit score is an opportunity for lenders to both im- prove profits and make more compelling offers." CreditXpert's proprietary predictive algorithms provide highly accurate credit plans that are used daily by lenders to attract more leads, make better offers, and close more loans by offering more affordable financing options for mortgage borrowers. "We are always looking to expand the tools and platforms we are able to offer our mortgage lending clients. Working with CreditXpert to enable the new platform will help our clients make credit a competitive differentiator," said Jay Kingsley, President of Mortgage Solutions for CoreLogic. "CoreLogic Credco has offered Cred- itXpert tools to thousands of mortgage lenders for years, and I'm excited that they will now have access to their new platform." CreditXpert's Enterprise Platform was launched in October of 2022 and was designed to help lenders of any size immediately identify a borrower's credit potential, generate detailed plans with the click of a button, and track com- pletion through a single dashboard. "We are very excited to get our new Enter- prise Platform into the hands of lenders who understand how important it is to consumers to get the best deal possible on a new home loan," Hemmer said. "I'm very pleased that CoreLogic Credco understands this and is a valued collaborator in helping us fulfil on our mission to help make homeownership more accessible and affordable for all." NEW AMERICAN FUNDING REPLACES PROPRIETARY CRM WITH BONZO B onzo, a relationship management automation provider that reduces the time mortgage and real estate profes- sionals spend communicating with prospects, has announced that New American Funding (NAF) has replaced its proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system with Bonzo's platform. New American Funding CEO Rick Arvielo called Bonzo "just the best [CRM] I have ever seen," and said he'd jump at the chance to invest in the company. The automated Bonzo platform is designed and priced to help salespeople attract and engage customers without all the traditional legwork, cost, and time, enabling salespeople to spend less time and money chasing deals or implementing a new CRM and more time building lasting client relationships. For two decades, New American Funding relied on its in-house CRM, Bankerview. How- ever, the company recently decided it was time to take a leap forward with the Bonzo platform. "We are always striving to give the best tools to our originators," Arvielo said. "And even though we have been relying on Banker- view for a long time, when I saw Bonzo, I had to relent. It's just the best I have ever seen, and we are excited to roll it out to our LOs." Bonzo Co-Founder and President Jason Perkins added, "We are very appreciative of Rick's endorsement and excited to make work easier for New American Funding's entire team." VALLIGENT LAUNCHES GSE DATA COLLECTION SUITE TO SUPPORT PROPERTY ASSESSMENTS V alligent has announced the launch of a GSE Data Collection Suite that supports both Fannie Mae's value acceptance + property data and Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR (automated collateral evaluation plus property data report) solutions. Valligent's GSE Data Collection Suite consists of four products: » ValPDC: A property data collection in support of Fannie Mae's value acceptance + property data. » ValPDR: A property data report in support of Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR. » ValPDR COMPLETE: A completion report in support of Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR. » ValHYBRID: A hybrid appraisal in sup- port of Fannie Mae's value acceptance + property data and Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR (automated collateral evaluation plus property data report) when an upgrade is needed.

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