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September 2023 ยป thefivestar.com 69 2 0 2 3 W O M E N I N H O U S I N G A W A R D S Jane Larkin VP, Default Servicing, Colonial Savings What People Are Saying: "Jane has been a staple in the default indus- try for decades and has always shown great compassion for the borrowers and her field representatives. She has also been involved in educating and improving the members of our industry for decades. She raised my professionalism and knowledge while having opposite sides collaborate and work together for the betterment of all. Her care, compassion, and respect for her employees, vendors, and executives are treated equally. She has made a difference in a very difficult industry, as most of your membership and committee will all acknowledge and know her name and humble presence for decades, while constantly improv- ing and bettering our industry." What This Nomination Means to Her: "I am humbled by the honor of being nomi- nated as a finalist for the 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Award, standing alongside an inspiring cohort of accomplished women lead- ers who have also been recognized. My sincere gratitude extends to the Five Star Institute for emphasizing the significance of making a posi- tive impact. I've been privileged to participate in various industry gatherings, where I've shared my fervor and insights concerning default management, customer experience, and leader- ship advancement. I am steadfast in my belief that our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve is of profound impor- tance. I take pride in being associated with an organization like Colonial that genuinely values the well-being of the individuals and families we are honored to assist." Jennifer Palmberg VP Default Recovery & Litigation Operations, U.S. Bank What People Are Saying: "Jenny Palmberg and U.S. Bank have been tire- lessly working on fundraising efforts to support veterans and their families in their housing and transportation needs. Working alongside wonderful charitable institutions like Freedom Alliance and Operation Homefront, they help provide mortgage-free homes and payment-free vehicles to deserving heroes and their families." What This Nomination Means to Her: "In my role at U.S. Bank, I have had the privilege to lead our Veteran and Community donation initiatives for the last four years and have seen firsthand the impact a home can have in our communities, not only for our veterans who have served our nation but also for LGBTQ+ youth who would otherwise be facing housing instability. I am honored to be in a position that allows me to contribute my leadership skills and passion to help those who have already given and experienced so much. To be considered a finalist for the 2023 Women in Housing Leadership Award for Corporate Social Responsibility is meaningful to me because it recognizes the significant, lasting impact these different donation initiatives have had in our communities. Welcoming a veteran and their family to their first home or coming alongside LGBTQ+ youth to provide better housing and job opportunities is truly rewarding. To be nominated for this award in the company of other amazing women who are also making a difference is inspiring, and I am grateful to be considered." Carrie Tackett Director, Business Development, Safeguard Properties What People Are Saying: "Carrie has been a member of the AMDC since 2019, promoting diversity within the mortgage industry. She is a member of the VFSAC committee, which addresses the needs of veterans in relation to housing and critical services. She also cultivated a relationship between Safeguard Properties and the Military Warrior Support Foundation, where the Safeguard vendor network is used to renovate homes to be gifted to wounded veterans." What This Nomination Means to Her: "It is truly an honor to be recognized again for the efforts our organization has made to foster a positive impact on society. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) nomination holds significant meaning to me as it is a reminder of purpose-driven business. CSR recognition is an acknowledgment of our dedication to making a positive impact beyond profit generation. This CSR nomination represents Safeguard's commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and serves as a powerful testament to our core values. This includes initiatives such as minimizing carbon emissions, adopting sustain- able practices, promoting diversity and inclu- sion, supporting local communities, and ethical sourcing. This nomination signifies that we value long-term sustainability over short-term gains. It also reflects our dedication to foster- ing strong relationships with our stakeholders, including employees, clients, suppliers, and the wider community. Moreover, this CSR nomina- tion holds personal significance as it aligns with my own beliefs and values and serves as a testa- ment to the collective impact we have made."

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