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September 2023 ยป thefivestar.com 77 J O U R N A L September 2023 billions) during the first half of 2023 and the cor- responding period in 2022 across 15 U.S. states. In 2023, all tracked states have seen HELOC activity decrease compared with 2022. Notably, California posted the highest approved HELOC amount, surpassing $9 billion so far in 2023. That number is currently down from the $15 billion in HELOC loans that the Golden State recorded in 2022, but still accounts for nearly 10% of the nation's overall activity. Florida followed closely, with $7 billion in HELOC loans, while North Carolina ranked third at $4.2 billion. It's worth noting that the states that saw the most significant HELOC activity declines were those where home prices have either recently remained flat or dropped, including Utah, Idaho, Ha- waii, and Montana. Given prolonged high home prices, some owners will likely continue to tap accrued equity if necessary. On the other hand, current high interest rates may cause some potential HELOC borrowers to rethink that decision. Experts predict that if mortgage rates start to fall, demand for HELOCs will likely pick up again. Brought to you by & MAY 2023 Magazine Y O U R T R U S T E D S O U R C E F O R M O R T G A G E B A N K I N G A N D S E R V I C I N G N E W S In this Issue DEBT AS DIVERSIFICATION Nonperforming loans and real estate owned (REO) assets as alternative asset anchors. BRACE FOR THIS TRIFECTA OF RISK Why zero repurchase risk is only the result of the new normal. MAKING STRIDES Here are the keys to accelerating proptech and real estate technology through venture capital. MortgagePoint examines the impact of the recent bank failures on the mortgage space, with a cross-section of experts imparting their perspectives on how to avoid similar issues in the future. Subscribe to MortgagePoint and MortgagePoint Digital now! Call 800.856.8060 to take advantage of our special introductory offer! Experts you trust. People you know. News you want. MortgagePoint is putting essential mortgage market news at your fingertips with our new digital edition, now available online via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Enjoy the magazine at your desk, and tap into MortgagePoint Digital's easily accessible platform anywhere, anytime. Committed to giving originators, servicers, and all lending professionals access to smarter perspectives, MortgagePoint believes it's time to think differently about the mortgage industry. Because the American Dream is evolving . . . are you? Brought to you by & JUNE 2023 PROMOTING D&I IN THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY NAVIGATING THE WILD, WILD WEST OF DIGITAL CLOSING PROVIDERS MORTGAGE LENDERS ARE MOVING QUICKLY TO ADOPT DIGITAL CLOSINGS. Also in this Issue: RETHINKING REVERSE MORTGAGE LENDING LENDERS TODAY ARE LOOKING AT REVERSE MORTGAGES AS ANOTHER LOAN PRODUCT TO ADD TO THEIR MENU OF OFFERINGS. Better Together Magazine Y O U R T R U S T E D S O U R C E F O R M O R T G A G E B A N K I N G A N D S E R V I C I N G N E W S Brought to you by & JULY 2023 Keeping Afloat TIME TO DOUBLE DOWN ON THE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE The sales numbers may not be where lenders would like to see them yet, but people do want to buy, according to new research. Here's what homebuyers are saying and what lenders can do to win their business. WHEN A SERVICER CAN TAKE POSSESSION OF A PROPERTY Attorney Joseph T. McCormick details a recent Ninth Circuit opinion on when a servicer can take possession of a property under the Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act. COLORADO SUPREME COURT WEIGHS IN ON BANKRUPTCY & FORECLOSURE A recent Colorado Supreme Court decision held that a discharge in bankruptcy does not trigger the statute of limitations on a claim to foreclose based on a deed of trust. RON & FRAUD: THERE'S MORE TO THE STORY While a small fraction of RON transactions may involve fraudulent activity, we have advanced tools at our disposal to stay ahead of bad actors. Magazine Y O U R T R U S T E D S O U R C E F O R M O R T G A G E B A N K I N G A N D S E R V I C I N G N E W S MortgagePoint speaks with mortgage servicing execs from BOK Financial, Carrington, the NMSA, PHH Mortgage Corporation, and Servbank about the unusual times and unusual opportunities the industry faces midway through 2023.

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