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Chuck Grassley Sounds Off

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2 Or do the ends sometimes justify the means? We have a football coach in Dallas, Texas (home base for DS News) who is famous, to the point of media parody, for trumpeting the sanctity of process. You go out every day, do your job the right way, stick to a formula, and good things will happen. Short circuiting that process sabotages the result that you get. But is there ever a time when the desirability of a result trumps the need to adhere to a tried and true method? What if that method is prescribed by law? is month DS News spoke with Senator Chuck Grassley to get his take. Grassley, the longtime GOP senator from Iowa and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee has some real misgivings about the how HUD filled the FHA Director position in light of the recent appointment of Edward Golding. He's also worried that the administration may be lacking in transparency regarding it's handling of GSE profits. Why does process matter? Read on to get Grassley's answer. Also this month, the Supreme Court recently ruled that junior liens on property involved in bankruptcy proceedings cannot be extinguished in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings as had been happening in some states. It's a win for lien holders. In his piece, "Stripping Off " Berton "B.J." Maley takes explains the background of the controversy and the ramifications that it has for servicers moving forward. Listening to you is a tried and true process that we'll never abandon. Is there something going on in the market that you would like to see covered? Have an idea for a new type of feature? We want to hear about it. Drop us a line and let us know how we're doing. Send us an email at editor@dsnews.com or follow us on Twitter @DSNewsDaily and join in on the conversation. Derek Templeton Editor, DS News Does Process Matter? FROM OUR DESK default servicing | in print and online VOL. 13 NO. 7 No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. ©2015 REO Publishing LLC All Rights Reserved This publication is intended to provide accurate, authoritative, and detailed information in regard to the subject matter covered. All written materials are disseminated with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal advice or other professional services. Under no circumstance should the information contained herein be relied upon as legal advice as it is designed to be a source of information only. strongly encourages the use of qualified attorneys or other qualified experts with regard to the subject matter covered. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, and is not liable for any damages, losses, or other detriment that may result from the use of these materials. PUBLISHER EDITOR DESIGN DSNEWS.COM VIDEO EDITOR STAFF WRITERS COPY EDITORS ADVERTISING DS NEWS BLACK BOOK AND LEGAL LEAGUE 100 Mark Hulme Derek Templeton Jonathon Won Jordan Funderburk Krista Franks Brock, Scott Morgan, Brian Honea Alison Rich, Shalene Roberts Robyn Clayton: 214.525.6716 Courtney Coffey: 214.525.6781 Lindsay Wolf: 214.525.6713 Kevin McCrea: 214.525.6756 Jason Myers: 214.525.6760 Suzanne Andresen: 207.443.3314 Kelli Snowgren: 214.525.6786 f o r m e rl y m a g a z i n e Follow DSNewsDaily on CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTING DESIGN Mark Hulme Ed Delgado John Harrison Ernest Gillespie Sean Walker Jason Stone Jonathon Won Denis Kashoid

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