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2 The Bigger Picture We're thinking long-term in this month's issue of DS News, which covers a broad range of big-picture topics that span all sectors of our industry. Take our cover story, for example. In "Start-Up Schooling," Brian A. Lee sits down with a litany of experienced startup founders and executives to pick their brains on strategy, success, and everything that got them to where they are today. It's an intriguing piece that offers valuable lessons to all professionals—whether they're in the housing industry or not. In "Common Side Effects Include," Joe Melendez, Founder and CEO of ValueInsured, tackles credit risk transfers, the ever-increasing popularity of front-end transfers, and how both are changing and impacting the industry for the long haul. e most important side effect? CRTs, he says, promote the ultimate homeownership trifecta: affordability, fairness, and flexibility. Next up is "Inconsistency in the Courts," in which Dykema attorneys Lukas Sosnicki and Madeleine Lee address the recent discrepancies in how courts have applied the Supreme Court's Spokeo v Robins ruling—particularly in regards to RESPA and FDCPA. e foggy interpretations of the court's decision are leaving many loan servicers and litigators in limbo, they say. In "e Trillion Dollar Consolidation of SFR," Greg Rand, CEO of OwnAmerica, talks single-family rentals—specifically, how the SFR market can follow the same path to institutionalization as the multi-family market did years ago. e key to making that happen? Rand says it's gaining support from the distressed servicing industry. Last, but definitely not least, is our Loss Mit Tech and Services Guide, which reveals the nation's top loss mitigation providers—a bevy of talented professionals all dedicated to minimizing losses for lenders, investors, and homeowners alike. It's an issue filled to the brim with insightful, forward-thinking pieces that I hope inform, intrigue, and encourage you. Best, Rachel Williams Editor-in-chief FROM OUR DESK default servicing | in print and online VOL. 15 NO. 5 No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. ©2017 REO Publishing LLC All Rights Reserved This publication is intended to provide accurate, authoritative, and detailed information in regard to the subject matter covered. All written materials are disseminated with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal advice or other professional services. Under no circumstance should the information contained herein be relied upon as legal advice as it is designed to be a source of information only. strongly encourages the use of qualified attorneys or other qualified experts with regard to the subject matter covered. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, and is not liable for any damages, losses, or other detriments that may result from the use of these materials. PUBLISHER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ONLINE EDITOR DESIGN DSNEWS.COM VIDEO EDITOR ONLINE CONTRIBUTORS COPY EDITORS ADVERTISING Mark Hulme Rachel Williams Seth Welborn Jonathon Won Jordan Funderburk Scott Morgan Aly Yale Krista Franks Brock Haley Owens Suzanne Andresen: 207.443.3314 Robyn Clayton: 214.525.6716 Veronica Guerrero: 214.525.6784 Kevin McCrea: 214.525.6756 Jason Myers: 214.525.6760 Robert Rakowski: 214.525.6783 Follow DSNewsDaily on CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTING DESIGN Mark Hulme Ed Delgado John Harrison Ernest Gillespie Sean Walker Jason Stone Jonathon Won

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