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10 Expand your skills, gain insight, and get inspired with these top picks. House Hacking: The Most Affordable Way to Get Started Investing in Real Estate By Patrick Allen According to author Patrick Allen, one should not pay for their mortgage, but rather "hack it." Learning from experienced real estate investors, Allen explains why "house hacking" is the easiest and most affordable way to get some skin in the real estate market. e author's guidelines lay out suggestions for how to save thousands in monthly costs, earn equity, gain property management experience, find new tax benefits, and even possibly earn a monthly cash flow in order to reach financial goals. is book's intent is to show readers that, out of all the real estate strategies out there, hacking may be the most "tried-and-true" way to start investing. The 25 Steps to Accurate Property Valuation: How to Value Property Faster and Easier Than You've Ever Imagined! By Suhail Tayeb A new book by Suhail Tayeb aims to demystify the home valuation process for investors and agents alike, giving you more power in the negotiation process and avoiding the trap of overvaluing or undervaluing a property. If you are an investor who is not seeing a return on investment from improvements, a listing agent who is trying to gain more foot traffic in their listings, an agent who keeps getting outbid, or a buyer or seller who is looking for peace of mind that they are not overpaying or underpaying on a property, the author will guide you through his 25 steps that will help repel costly—and possibly embarrassing—mistakes. The No Quitters Guide to Crushing Real Estate Investing and Building an Extraordinary Life By Nathan Brooks Filled with novel tools, anecdotal stories, and insights, this book features author Nathan Brooks using his extensive real estate knowledge to show readers how to implement his money-making real estate investment strategies to cultivate financial security. Faced with bankruptcy in 2008, Brooks made an astounding recovery, amassing a highly profitable, fast-growing, eight-figure portfolio. Here, he has laid out his path to success for others to replicate. is book is not just another real estate resource but also a challenge issued to readers, inviting them to dig deep to answer the question of what they want in their lives. From there, Brooks attempts to reveal how real estate investing can help achieve those ends. You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why By Eric omas, PhD Need a wake-up call? If you feel like others are passing you by and success is always just out of reach, Eric omas has authored a book full of urgent messages that will get you to stop waiting for success to find you and instead for you to go and find success for yourself. Faced with a series of challenges early in life, omas was able to break free from poverty and homelessness, as well as the victim mentality, and successfully "rewrite" his life. omas shares his secrets to success and explains how they could help readers find themselves and reach new heights of success. Good Reads

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