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76 Top 25 Women of Law default servicing trusted reliable informed @ dsnews.com 7.2020 As a global pandemic forces a worldwide reexamination of how to conduct business, learn how mortgage servicers are adapting. FROM A DISTANCE 52 POST-MORATORIUM PLANNING BEGINS NOW With a likely wave of delinquencies and defaults on the horizon, servicers should be preparing for the smoke to clear. 56 A MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR MISCONCEPTION Can servicers be reimbursed for property preservation expenses incurred after the FHA conveyance timeframe? 60 IS YOUR PROGRAM CARES ACT COMPLIANT? The industry must maintain business continuity planning while managing processes and regulatory changes in real time. 66 EFFECTIVE FORECLOSURE PREVENTION IN A CRISIS What lessons from the Great Recession's foreclosure and home price data can be applied to more recent market trauma? default servicing trusted reliable informed @ dsnews.com 8.2020 56 THE AUCTION ADVANTAGE Selling distressed properties at auction provides sellers with an outcome that is more fiscally and socially responsible than selling distress on the retail market. 62 LISTEN, EXPERIMENT, AND MEASURE Now is the time to ensure your customer experience initiatives are adapting to the new normal and you understand any shifts in your customers' needs and expectations. From investment bargains to changing purchase power for buyers, see what factors single-family investors are shopping for. SHOPPING FOR OPPORTUNITY A WORK IN PROGRESS default servicing trusted reliable informed @ dsnews.com 9.2020 60 EXPANDING DIVERSITY INTO THE C-SUITE The need for a commitment to diversity in the servicing industry has never been more important, from the bottom to the top. 64 THE TOUGH TALK Incorporating a multitude of viewpoints and discussing difficult topics in the workplace can be challenging. Here's how to approach it in a productive way. 70 NAVIGATING DISTRESSED ASSET INVESTMENT Turbulent times create opportunities and uncertainty. How can investors identify what is a potential good investment versus a risky bet? DS News speaks with industry experts about how they're working to build a better, stronger, more diverse industry THE LEADER IN DEFAULT SERVICING NEWS Help shape the next issue of DS News. Drop us a line at Editor@DSNews.com. Marissa Yaker Managing Attorney of Foreclosure // Padgett Law Group Marissa Yaker, since the age of eight, had dreamed of being an attorney. She said she loves everything about the practice of law. Yaker said,"You truly learn something new every day. My passion for it has been the same since I was a kid, and I think I still bring that excitement to my work every day." e best part of her job, she said, is providing legal training to her firms' clients and being on the forefront of legal issues that impact the legal industry. "Working with our clients to resolve complex legal issues is rewarding because it's intellectually challenging and keeps me stimulated both as an attorney and a professional focused on exemplary client service," she said. Yaker added that she is proud to be a part of an industry that is evolving daily, with leadership increasingly female. "As a female, our voices are just as loud as our male counterparts, and more people are hearing us now," Yaker said. "At [Padgett Law Group], much of our leadership is female, and we strive to maintain the meritocracy that our firm has always been." She added attorneys and legal professionals can help lenders and servicers by further consolidating both complex and routine work with firms that have proven expertise in multiple jurisdictions. She said Padgett Law Group offers national bankruptcy services, coupled with comprehensive default practices in its multistate footprint. "It's this kind of expertise across relevant practices and a broad geographic footprint that is, as I see it, the path to a better partnership between mortgage servicers and law firms," she said. Kristin Zilberstein Supervising Attorney, Bankruptcy Operations // Padgett Law Group Kristin Zilberstein has over two decades' experience as a legal practitioner, including 11 years working in the residential mortgage default space. Zilberstein's main focus is on bankruptcy with a particular interest in litigated matters and Chapter 11 bankruptcies. She is licensed in multiple jurisdictions, and in her practice, she manages multiple national portfolios and special projects across several mortgage servicing shops. "We are in extraordinary and unique times," Zilberstein said. "Everything is on hold and will remain so until the moratoriums are lifted. Once they are lifted, there will be a landslide of foreclosures and bankruptcies." One of the highlights of Zilberstein's impressive career is that she has held a leadership role with the ALFN's Bankruptcy Group for almost five years. She also recently served as a Candidate for the Board of Directors for the national trade association. Zilberstein was featured in the 2016 women's issue of the ALFN ANGLE and is a highly sought-after bankruptcy speaker, author, and educator across industry conferences, publications, and client-training events. One experience that helped Zilberstein learn to speak up for herself and conquer challenges as a woman working in the legal industry occurred while she was in law school, selling cell phones at a local mall. "From those hostile encounters face-to-face in the mall, I learned to have a voice for myself," Zilberstein said. "During those encounters and many others while practicing law, I have had to stop the person with whom I am speaking and ask them to address me professionally and with respect as I have earned it."

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